“Whether working with individuals or speaking to a group, I have the ability and desire to educate and empower clients to make the best decision to achieve their health goals. My enthusiasm for positive change can be felt – it fills the room and motivates participants to take action.” —Andrea

Andrea Groon

MEd RD LDN, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Speaker, Published Author

Andrea always wanted a career working with people, helping them lead healthier lives. She decided to become a dietitian after taking a nutrition class. It was a natural fit – her love of good, healthy food and being active – she knew she could help others learn to make healthy choices, too.

Andrea earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Nutrition from UNC-Chapel Hill which gave her the technical knowledge she needed. When completing her Master’s Degree, she focused on adult education and counseling, to better enable her to teach and reach people.

These degrees, along with additional Certifications in Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, Wellness Coaching, and Certificates of Training in Adult and Childhood & Adolescent Weight Management, prepared her to reach clients where they are in their health journey. She continues to improve her skills, through continuing education and certifications, to help clients reach their goals and become their personal best.

Over the years, Andrea has helped hundreds of clients find healthy lifestyle choices that will work for them. Andrea works closely with her clients to find holistic, reasonable approaches and moderate, realistic changes that will assist them in achieving their goals. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach and there are no cookie cutter plans. Andrea meets each client where they are today on their pathway to a healthier lifestyle. From this starting point, they work together to develop a plan that is individualized and will work for them. The plan might need revisions or a new direction but it will always be individualized and customized for each client.

Available Books by Andrea

The Meal Plan for Life

Planning Nutritious Meals in 4 Easy Steps

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Nutrition Andrea Cooks

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Lori Ragsdale


Lori Ragsdale is a Registered Licensed Dietitian and fitness & nutrition enthusiast. She has over 15 years of experience in a variety of areas of nutrition including individual counseling, speaking to groups, geriatrics, and pediatric nutrition. Lori worked as a Health Coach for several years. She really listens to her clients’ needs to help them make the best nutritional choices that will realistically work for them. Rather than counting calories or points, Lori prefers a holistic approach to eating that supports whole foods and strives to encourage clients to make practical lifestyle changes.

Lori has a wide range of health, weight management and medical nutrition knowledge and experience. She focuses on setting realistic goals in an easy to understand manner that helps her clients realize that healthy eating can become a healthy lifestyle.

We are delighted to have Lori as part of our team. She brings extensive experience, enthusiasm for health and wellness and a realistic approach to her clients. Lori applies the principles of a healthy lifestyle in her daily life and for her own family. This helps her understand the difficulties of balancing physical activity, healthy food preparation and time demands that we all face. She is able to translate these experiences into sound, practical advice for her clients.