Genetic Testing

Are you eating too much salt or fat?

Not enough calcium, iron, Vitamin D – or too much?

What type of diet will work best for you – low carbohydrate, Mediterranean style or balanced?

What type of exercise will your body respond to best? Walking, running, lifting weights or a combination?

The answers are in your genes.

Good health is influenced by a lot of things…how we eat, our environment, our genetics, and many other factors. We have all heard how certain foods or diets affect people differently, and that every person has a unique genetic makeup. Now genetic testing is available to identify which genes you have that can affect our health and our aging process.

These tests identify your unique genetic makeup and provide diet and exercise strategies custom tailored to your genotype. It also determines if you have nutrition vulnerabilities. You will find out if you are more likely to have high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

This is not guesswork, one-size-fits-all or fad dieting of any kind. The results provide specific diet and exercise recommendations based on your own DNA.

Why is it important for you to work with a Registered Dietitian with genetic testing?

It is important to discuss the results of your testing with your Dietitian/Nutritionist. The reports are full of information and can be overwhelming.  I will help you understand the report & recommendations; determine which factors in your health and lifestyle may need modification, based on the results. We will work together to create an individualized, overall nutrition plan and work with you to monitor these changes.

Remember, just because you are at risk based on your genetics, it does not mean that you will necessarily be deficient in those nutrients or develop a condition, but it is a good place to start investigating your health and wellness profile.

What is the testing process?

If you have already had genetic testing through 23AndMe or, these results can be uploaded for analysis. If not, a you can order your a kit and upload the results when you receive them.  This genetic information will be translated for health and nutritional relevance then translated into specific nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Who else is able to see my information?

Understandably, many people are concerned about what happens to their genetic information. If you live in the U.S., you are protected by the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA), which prevents health insurance companies and employers from discriminating based on your genetic information.  You upload the results so only the nutritional recommendations will be available to me.