Monthly Meal Plans

What’s for Dinner Tonight? – Solve the Dinner Dilemma

Each week you will receive a 7 day meal plan complete with recipes and a grocery list that has been created by a dietitian.  Once you review the menus, you can customize them to meet your families needs, food allergies and food preferences.  After making custom changes, all the information is automatically updated – including nutrition information,recipes and shopping lists.  There are over 500 recipes to select from each week!

When creating the menu plans, we design them to be:

  • delicious – your entire family will love them
  • simple ingredients and easy to prepare
  • planned with budget and health in mind
  • balanced and nutritious written by a dietitian
  • easy to modify for your families food preferences, allergies or special health needs
  • planned for the number of servings YOU specify -may be changed daily if needed

How does it work?

  1.  Sign up now and get an email with the current week’s menus
  2. Following the link will take you to your own page with the entire menu & recipes
  3. Adjust the number of servings, if needed
  4. If you see a meal you do not like, select from over 500 recipes to replace it
  5. Print out your grocery list and recipes for the week
  6. Shop, cook, eat and enjoy healthy custom meals!

Subscription Rates

Once you experience how easy and delicious the meal plans are, you will want to continue to receive your custom plans!  Save by subscribing for multiple months!!